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Monday, June 29, 2009

Beat The Heat In The Beach

I know this is a late post and I'm sorry if I've been lagging behind. I've been too occupied for the past few days. Besides, it's been too hot here lately, it was in the 90s and it made me sweat a lot. I felt so uneasy and uncomfortable. To beat the heat, my family and I went to the beach last weekend and dipped ourselves in the water. We brought with us some foods for lunch. I don't know why but whenever we are in the beach, I have a very good appetite. I ate too much and after that I felt sorry because I know I've been gaining weight. The last time I hit the scale, I had gained 10 lbs since we were here. I don't really like it but I can't help eating those yummy foods that my brother had been cooking. My hubby had also gained a lot of weight. We have to do something. We need to shed off those excess pounds. Anyways, we had a good time at the beach and we also bought a lot of fish there before we went home.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Time

It's been raining here since Monday but despite the rain, we went to the mall yesterday with my hubby, sis and brother Albin . We went to buy some groceries in Super 8 grocery. But before going to the grocery located on the first floor, we went first to Unitop department store located in the 2nd floor. My sis and I bought some t-shirts and underwears. Their price is so affordable and it was my 2nd time already to shop some t-shirts there. While my sis and I were busy going through those shirts and fitting it, my hubby and my brother were on the other section and I didn't know what they're up to. When my sis and I checked out, we saw them sitting and waiting outside the department store. Hubby showed me his loot, it was a box of tools. We then proceeded to the grocery and bought some can goods and mostly crackers and snacks. It was already dark when we drove home.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Thank God

I know I missed a lot of opps last month because we had no internet for more than a month. I just grabbed a few opps whenever I had the chance to go to the internet cafe. When I calculated my earnings that was deposited in my Paypal for the past month, surprisingly it was more than what I expected. In fact, I made more last month than the previous month. Though I only had few opps last month, I was fortunate to be able to grab some high paying opps. Also a friend of ours in Texas had sent us some money as her help for our ministry here. Thank you very much Ms. Sue. You're such a blessing to us. I give God all the glory, honor and thanksgiving for all the things that He has done and He's going to do in our lives. To God be the glory!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging To The Max

Hey guys, I have good news today! We got our phone and internet connection back yesterday afternoon after more than a month of waiting for the company to fix it. I'm so glad because I can update my blogs more often now. Unlike before, I can only do so whenever I get the chance to go to the internet cafe. My time was limited because my hubby was always waiting on me to go back home. Now, I can blog until the wee hours of the night like I'm doing right now. I can also grab more opps and visit other blogs now. Thank you guys for visiting me here during my absence. I will make it up to ya'll. Now my blogging addiction is back as my hubby said and I don't deny it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No More Maid

I've been sad the past few days because our maid Jenny left last Wednesday. She said her aunt will send her to school and it's been her dream to finish even just a vocational course. It was a sudden decision and she didn't even give us a few days notice so we can find somebody to replace her. I wasn't able to sleep the night before she left because I've been thinking where we can find somebody to replace her beside the fact she became so dear and close to us already. She's a hard worker and she's trustworthy. She worked in our house for 9 months. My brother hired her to take care of their baby before he left for Singapore. When my brother came back home after a couple of months they were supposed to send her home but I told them not to because we will be the one to pay her wages so we can have a helper in the house. I like Jenny because she do her job well. Now she's gone and it's hard to find somebody like her. Before she left, I hugged her and told her that just in case she wants to come back she's always welcome. Both of us were teary-eyed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Here Again

I'm back here at the internet cafe because until now our internet connection is not yet restored. I don't come here everyday so I can only update my blog whenever I get the chance to come here in the cafe. Well, I'm keeping my fingers cross that we can get back our internet connection within this week. It's almost a month now since we lost our connection due to typhoon damage. It's been raining here lately so even though want to come here in the cafe, I get lazy because the road is wet. It's still humid despite of the rain.
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