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Monday, April 20, 2009

Went To Visit The Philippine Military Academy

Hubby and I are back in Baguio once again. My hubby had been bugging me the past few weeks to come up here but since we had our room renovated, we just can't leave right there and then. Now that our room is almost finished, we decided to come up here to escape the summer heat in the lowland. Yes, it's getting hotter there now but thank God we're relieved with the cool climate here in Baguio. It was even showering this afternoon when we went to SM City. The weather here is like spring in the US, nice and cool. We sure miss the spring season in Texas where the wildflowers grow along the roads, highways and in the country which makes Texas so pretty especially with it's famous blue bonnet flowers. It's a good thing that Baguio's climate is cool and it has lots of colorful flowers too so we won't miss Texas that much. We can always come here whenever we want to escape the heat in the lowland. Here are some photos that we took when we went to PMA- Philippine Military Academy. We enjoyed the clean surroundings, colorful flowers and nice view.


Madz said...

wow te ganda ng mga places you've visited!....enjoy na enjoy tlga si hubby huh s Pinas huh!!

DebbieDana said...

Nice photos manang Lisa! I have always loved Baguio city and I will always come back there.

Anyway, thanks alot for your comment. Daniel and I are already here for almost 2 weeks. My husband will join us on the 30th and we'll stay here until May 11. Yes, we should meet, that would be nice! We are just neighboring towns so it's not hard for us to meet. We live in Poblacion, just walking distance from the Municipal Hall and the the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag. If you're not busy on May 6, please come attend Daniel's baptism. Hope to hear from you soon! Ingat.


Filipina said...

lis..mukhang cool na cool ung visit nyo ah. I am sure nag enjoy hubby mo sa stay ..

J said...

hala, I'm inggit talaga. puro pasyal kayo.

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