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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Return But No Refund

Yesterday while my hubby and I was in SM Rosales and we were not able to withdraw money using our debit cards, we decided to buy groceries using our debit cards. We just went there last Saturday and we bought a lot of groceries but there were some stuffs that I was not able to buy so I bought it yesterday. I just bought few items yesterday. Then we went to Ace Hardware and my hubby bought the cool fan that can be filled with cold or iced water and it will blow and circulate cool air. He wanted that so we can save money by not using our AC. Our electric bill kept going up since we were using our AC. To our dismay, the cool fan which was supposed to blow cool air didn't do well it's job. In fact, our Hanabishi stand fan is a lot cooler and stronger. So early this morning, my hubby and I went to return it to Ace Hardware in SM Rosales. They didn't give back our money though. They told us that we can exchange the item with other items with equal total value as with the warm errrrr cool fan.

This is one thing that I miss in the US. You can return the item you purchased and they will give back your money as long as you have your receipt but not here in the Philippines. You can return but you have to exchange the item with another item/s because they won't give back your money. Too bad...

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