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Monday, April 27, 2009

I Love Chayote Tops

One vegetable that I really missed to eat when I was in the states is chayote tops. The stores there don't sell it even in the Asian stores. They sell the chayote fruits but not the tops so I had to contend myself eating camote tops there because I had planted it in our backyard.

Here in Baguio, I have chayote tops for free because it grow in the backyard of my brother-in-law's house where we are staying now. In fact, I gathered a lot of chayote tops for our lunch today. My 10 year old nephew MakMak had helped me to get the chayote tops at the backyard. I instructed him where to cut it and he had fun gathering it. I boiled it and dipped it with Bragg's liquid aminos and vinegar. Hubby and I ate it with fried fish. I love veggies and fish. It was so yummy! Here's a photo of the chayote at the backyard.


DebbieDana said...

Hi manang Lisa! I'm sorry I can't give you our home address here, people will read it... I have invitation cards for Daniel's baptism and I want to send you one but I also don't know your address in Laoac. If only we have each other's email or contact #s then we can stay in touch.

If it's fine with you, I'll make another comment and give you my contact #s and address but please don't publish it? Thank you!


Juliana said...

oh, so this is how chayote plant looks like. naglalawya tuloy ako. pwedeng pahingi.

mannag, kailan na ang balik ninyo dito? for good na ba kayo dyan? nakakainggit!


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