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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't Withdraw Money Using Our Debit Cards

I don't know what's wrong with our debit cards but my hubby and I can't withdraw money from the ATM machines here in the Philippines. We tried to withdraw from different banks here but we got frustrated because the ATM machine said temporarily unavailable. Hubby and I ran out of cash already. It's a good thing that we were able to use our debit cards in the grocery stores like SM, Super 8 and Magic Mall. We were able to withdraw from over the counter cash advance machine in Banco De Oro in Carmen, Rosales once but too bad, their machine was not working yesterday when we went there to withdraw. That's the only bank I know that has cash advance machine near our town. Imagine our disappointment, we made a special trip to go there but we were not able to withdraw cash. My hubby and I tried alternately to withdraw from the ATM machine using our debit cards but no cash came out. It's not that we don't have money in the bank, of course we have but I just felt embarrassed for not being able to withdraw money because the people next to us were looking. We need to contact our bank in the US and ask why we can't withdraw money using our debit cards here in the Philippines. As a last resort yesterday, I withdraw money from our Metrobank account here using my debit card. I only got a small amount though because that account of us don't have much available balance.

What I did so we can have cash, I sent money to my hubby from our bank in the US using Xoom last night and this morning, we went to get the money in Cebuana Lhuillier in Binalonan. Now our wallets have some cash. In the US, we're used to shop using our debit cards unlike here in the Philippines that only few stores accept debit cards when you buy something. That's what I miss in the US, shopping using my plastic money.

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