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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day In The Beach

My hubby had been bugging me to go to the beach for the past few weeks. Since it was our town fiesta last weekend so we had postponed going there. The weather here is getting hotter and so one thing is really good nowadays and that is to go to the beach. We left the house early in the morning yesterday, around 7:00 AM. My 3 siblings and their families went with us including my aunt. My brother-in-law drove his van so off we went. We stopped by at Manaoag and bought pandesal and pandecoco for our breakfast. Then we headed to San Fabian and stopped by at the market and we bought 2 kilos of salmon, yellow fin fish, squid, tahong, sea weeds (ar-arosep), beef, fruits and kutsinta. My sister and I shared in the expenses. Then we headed to San Fabian beach. It was a nice day because it rained the previous day so it's not that hot. We rented a cottage for P200=$4.16. Hubby and I enjoyed the beach with my sister and her family while the rest were at the cottage cooking our lunch. They grilled the fish, squid and the tahong. They called us when it was time to eat and I tell you, the sea foods tasted so yummy. This is what I missed when I was abroad, the beach, sea foods and the fellowship with my siblings. We stayed at the beach until 2:00 PM and then we stopped by at the market to buy fish again before we headed back home. Later in the afternoon we found out that hubby's skin was sunburned.

me and hubby

my brother-in-law Jhun, me and my sis-in-law Vivian and her baby Vernice)

my sister (in orange t-shirt) and her maid Mai-Mai

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