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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buying Groceries

My hubby and I have been to the groceries here in the Philippines many times already. I've been to SM Mall Of Asia grocery, SM Baguio, CSI Warehouse in Dagupan and Magic Mall in Urdaneta. Boy, I was surprised to see the prices of goods skyrocketed since we left the country! Whenever we go and pay in the cash register, the total was in the thousands. I'm not used in paying thousands of pesos in buying groceries because in the US, we only spend about a hundred bucks when we go to the grocery. Paying two thousand pesos for the groceries sound that much but when we converted it to US dollars, it's only more than 40 bucks. Not really that bad. I guess I have to get used to spending pesos again and not be shocked when paying groceries by the thousands. The rate of US dollar yesterday was $1 = P47.90, the other day it was P48.20 so it's fluctuating. It went up since we arrived here in the Philippines though. It was only P46.50 for $1 when we got here last January.


Joy0z said...

Hi Liz..pls update all my blogs kasi dina nagwowork yung mga links mo?
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Ilocana said...

Hi Manang Lisa! Still in Pinas ka pa pala. Galing, kainggit ka naman. When we were there 2006, we usually hang around the Urdaneta mall cuz we stayed at Majoha Hotel which is not so far.. Hay, miss ko na rin sa atin...I'm sure enjoy to the max ka manang...Ingat lagi^_^.

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