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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buying Groceries

My hubby and I have been to the groceries here in the Philippines many times already. I've been to SM Mall Of Asia grocery, SM Baguio, CSI Warehouse in Dagupan and Magic Mall in Urdaneta. Boy, I was surprised to see the prices of goods skyrocketed since we left the country! Whenever we go and pay in the cash register, the total was in the thousands. I'm not used in paying thousands of pesos in buying groceries because in the US, we only spend about a hundred bucks when we go to the grocery. Paying two thousand pesos for the groceries sound that much but when we converted it to US dollars, it's only more than 40 bucks. Not really that bad. I guess I have to get used to spending pesos again and not be shocked when paying groceries by the thousands. The rate of US dollar yesterday was $1 = P47.90, the other day it was P48.20 so it's fluctuating. It went up since we arrived here in the Philippines though. It was only P46.50 for $1 when we got here last January.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Room Expansion

Our bedroom is undergoing construction right now for expansion. It's so small and there's not enough room for our stuffs. The 12 boxes that we shipped here had already arrived a couple of weeks ago. We need more space in our room. We hired laborers and my 2 brothers are also working. I'm excited to see our room expanded after all the work. This is the 2nd day they're working.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for my step-son Wayne. They found a tumor in his right kidney, the size is a little bigger than a quarter and it's malignant. He will be operated on on April 8 at 7:45 AM. George is upset and he wants to fly there in Iowa to be with his son. Pray that everything will be alright and that God will give peace to Wayne and his wife and also George. I already e-mailed our pastor in Wichita Falls and all my Christian friends and I requested them to pray for Wayne. He need a lot of prayer warriors because miracle happens when we pray.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More On Panagbenga 2009

Here's a video I took during the Panagbenga 2009. It took me forever to upload it to youtube so I uploaded it to onetruemedia but still it took a while to upload it. I just wanted to share here a short video of the street dancing competition.

There were many of them who joined. In fact the street dancing parade took half day to finish. My eyes had a feast watching under the sun in Baguio and as a result, my skin was sunburned. My skin became darker. I bought a whitening soap but it doesn't seem to work. Last Saturday we went to the beach so my skin became darker again. It's okay, I'm a Filipino and most Americans are paying a lot just to have a tan. I am posting here too some photos I took during the float parade. There were some celebrities who were on the floats. These floats were all decorated with fresh flowers from Baguio.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson on the float

Alyssa Alano

singer Ogie Alcasid

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day In The Beach

My hubby had been bugging me to go to the beach for the past few weeks. Since it was our town fiesta last weekend so we had postponed going there. The weather here is getting hotter and so one thing is really good nowadays and that is to go to the beach. We left the house early in the morning yesterday, around 7:00 AM. My 3 siblings and their families went with us including my aunt. My brother-in-law drove his van so off we went. We stopped by at Manaoag and bought pandesal and pandecoco for our breakfast. Then we headed to San Fabian and stopped by at the market and we bought 2 kilos of salmon, yellow fin fish, squid, tahong, sea weeds (ar-arosep), beef, fruits and kutsinta. My sister and I shared in the expenses. Then we headed to San Fabian beach. It was a nice day because it rained the previous day so it's not that hot. We rented a cottage for P200=$4.16. Hubby and I enjoyed the beach with my sister and her family while the rest were at the cottage cooking our lunch. They grilled the fish, squid and the tahong. They called us when it was time to eat and I tell you, the sea foods tasted so yummy. This is what I missed when I was abroad, the beach, sea foods and the fellowship with my siblings. We stayed at the beach until 2:00 PM and then we stopped by at the market to buy fish again before we headed back home. Later in the afternoon we found out that hubby's skin was sunburned.

me and hubby

my brother-in-law Jhun, me and my sis-in-law Vivian and her baby Vernice)

my sister (in orange t-shirt) and her maid Mai-Mai

Monday, March 9, 2009

Town Fiesta

We had our town fiesta last weekend. It was from Friday up to Sunday. The parade was last Saturday and it was the first time my hubby had watched our town fiesta. I think our town fiesta this year was not as good as the fiestas we had in the past. It was very dry and not much to see except those sidewalk vendors in the town plaza. I like to watch the coronation night if it's a beauty contest rather than money contest. My hubby and I didn't go and watched during the nights of the town fiesta. I guessed he just got tired with the crowd like what he experienced in Panagbenga and also during the town fiesta in Binalonan. People were everywhere and they were coming out of wood works. Anyhow, we watched the parade last Saturday morning and there were street dancers too with colorful costumes like in the Panagbenga in Baguio. Only there were just 4 groups of street dancers.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Street Dancing Competition During The Panagbenga 2009

After 5 years of not being able to watch the Panagbenga or Flower Festival in Baguio, I was able to watch it again this year with my hubby. It was my hubby's first time to watch it. He had been wanting to watch it for the past 5 years but it's only this year that we finally made it to the festival. We really thank God for that.

This is the biggest event in Baguio for the past 14 years and as usual, too many people were present to witness the event. Baguio was soooo crowded and people were everywhere. We woke up early and we left the house before 7:00 AM. We just walked and when we arrived at Abanao St., there were a lot of people already. We managed to find a place in front so we were able to see the street dancers clearly. Here are some photos that I took. Take a peek...

Let's Be Friends Award

I got an award from Chuchie today. I met her in the world of blogging not long ago and I visit her blog every time I'm free. She's the one who did her blog's template and she did a good job. I wish I have the talent like her. Thanks a lot Chuchie for this award. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad to meet you here in the blogosphere and for being my friend.
The "Let's Be Friends" Award represents:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Sorry to break the rule but lazy me, this will just stay here in my blog, he-he! I'm just to lazy to pass it around.
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