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Friday, February 20, 2009

What Do You Love About Your Husband Tag

My friend Toni tagged me with this one. My apology for not doing it so soon. I was just too busy doing this and that. My hubby is God's gift to me and he's not perfect but nobody is. There are lots of things I love about my husband and here are some of it.

I love my hubby because he loves me for what and who I am.
I love him because he is a Christian and love Jesus.
I love him because he traveled half a world away just to meet me and marry me.
I love him because he gave up his job just to be with me and wait on me until my US visa was processed.
I love him because he love and treat my family as his own.
I love him because he is just a simple man in every way.
I love him because he is not picky with his foods and he loves to eat Filipino foods.
I love him because he is generous and he loves to help other people.
I love him because he's a good father to his kids even though he's not a perfect father.
I love him because he is my life partner and together we will worship and serve the Lord all the days of our lives.

I am passing this tag to Ging, Richelle and Juliana.


Grace said...

Hi Lisa, how are you and your hubby doing lately? I seen the pictures from your previous post, about the "Great Lamb Church" Are you starting with your church already?

Chelle said...

Manang, tapos ko na po itong tag na ibinigay nyo... bale sa Journey ko po inilagay..:-)

Chelle said...

Manang, Sa My Life's Events ko pala inilagay..:-)

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