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Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Went Shopping And Meet Friends On Valentine's Day

Belated happy heart's day to everybody! Yesterday, my hubby and I together with my siblings, bro-in-law and sis-in-law went to Clark (used to be the Clark Airforce Base) to buy some imported goodies. My bro-in-law drove their van and it was a 3 hour drive from our place. We left at 9:00 AM and we brought foods for our lunch. We had a picnic at the picnic grounds in Clark. After we ate we proceeded to PureGold Duty Free Shop. The prices of the goods and commodities are higher than in the US of course because it traveled already. To my surprise, there were lots of people shopping yesterday. We spent more than $70 for all the stuffs that we bought.

Then after our shopping, we went to meet Pastor Yanie and sis Modie in front of Robinson's Galeria in San Fernando, Pampanga. I called them a few days before we went there to let them know that we want to see them. We met the couple in our church in Wichita Falls during our Mission's Conference in 2007 and later on we became friends. Hubby and I was so excited to see them again. Pastor Yanie is the pastor of Great Lamb Baptist Church and their church is still undergoing construction on the 2nd floor and some parts in the 1st floor. They even showed us the small room where they used to stay for three years. Now they're renting a 2 storey house close to their church for only $75 a month while their church is under construction.

They will be having their 1st Mission's Conference this coming May and a Baptist pastor from Decatur, TX will be going there. The couple invited us to attend their Mission's Conference and offered us to stay in their house for a week. We will do our best to attend. We were so glad to see Pastor Yanie and sis Modie again. We had a good time chatting with them and they served us refreshments, pie and cake from Goldilocks. Hubby said he was so blessed to see their work for the Lord. I pray that our ministry that we had started here in our place will prosper too. With God's help, we can do it. God knows our hearts' desire and that is to serve Him by sharing the gospel to the lost so they will get saved.

taken inside the church of Pastor Yanie and sis Modie with me and hubby
with my hubby, Pastor Yanie, sis Modie, me, Violy (my sister) and Vivian (my sis-in-law)
inside the house of the Genonangan couple with my siblings, sis/bro-in-law

in front of their church

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