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Monday, February 9, 2009

Itchy Scalp

Last Thursday while I was in Baguio with my hubby, I went to a beauty parlor inside Baguio Center Mall. I had a hair cellophane to cover some of my gray hair and make my hair shinier. As I grow older, my gray hair is increasing too. It was my first time to have a hair cellophane. I've never done it before except hair dye. I can't afford it when I was in the US. Now that I'm here in the Philippines, I can afford now because it's a lot cheaper here. I only paid P750 which is equivalent to a little more than $15. It took less than an hour for the whole process and my hubby and our maid was with me and they were patiently waiting. At night, I started to scratch my scalp because it was itchy. Then the next morning, I was still scratching and I developed allergy in my scalp due to the hair cellophane that I had. I never had an allergy before when I had my hair dyed. My sister who had her hair cellophane didn't experience allergy in her scalp. Her sis-in-law told me that she had itchiness too in her scalp after her first time to have a hair cellophane. It's good the allergy in my scalp is disappearing now after 4 days. I got relieved! Me and my vanity. That's what I got for wanting to cover my gray hair. I don't know if I will do it again. Maybe if I'll see my white hair appearing, I would be tempted to have a hair cellophane again, lol!

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