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Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Day!

I am in Baguio right now with my hubby. We came here last Saturday morning with my sister and her family. We are staying at my brother-in-law's house and we gonna be here for a week. Yesterday, we went to church and we attended the University Baptist Church where my brother-in-law is a member. Most of the members of that church are college students, teachers and professionals. The worship service was in English so my hubby understood the message. The pastor in that church was my instructor in Differential Calculus at Saint Louis University. He gave a good message and the title of his message was Growth Groups and his text verse was in Acts 2:42-47. After the service, the pastor came and talked to me and my hubby. I told him that his message was a blessing and I was so glad that he's a pastor now.

We proceeded to the restaurant after the church service and we had lunch there. Would you believe that we only paid an amount equivalent to $20 for the 11 of us? That was really cheap! Hubby and I used to pay $25 for the 2 of us whenever we go and eat in a restaurant in Texas.

After we ate, we went sight-seeing around. First we went to Mines View Park. There were lots of people yesterday because it's Sunday. We had a good time taking photos there.

me and the Texas Cowboy
with my hubby, my sister and her hubby
with my sister Violy, Jenny, my hubby and Mae-Mae
Then we went to The Mansion house and took photos there too. It was my nth time to go there. In fact I already had a lot of photos in those tourist spots in Baguio but it's been a while since I've been there so we just posed and posed and clicked and clicked the camera.

with my sister Violy

Next destination was the cemetery where my brother-in-law's mom was buried last year. I took photos of them there too. Then we proceeded to the Diplomat Hotel at Dominican Hill. The place was located in the highest part of the city and we passed by Lourdes Grotto. The hotel was damaged during the earthquake in Baguio last 1990 but the owner never rebuilt it. It looks like a haunted hotel now and they said that they hear somebody screaming and howling at night. A lot of people died in that hotel during the earthquake. Hubby, my nephews, Jenny and my brother-in-law went up the hotel and they've seen the entire view of Baguio. They wanted to take some photos there but the battery of my camera went dead. My sister and I stayed in the van. Then we went home afterwards.

at the garden of Diplomat Hotel

my hubby in front of the Diplomat Hotel

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Anonymous said...

wow you're in Phils pala. Great photos!

Thanks for stopping Lis. Have a great one!

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