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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yard Cleaning and Replanting

I have been busy here in our house for the past few days. I've been cleaning the front yard and re-planting some plants. My orchids are not yet blooming. They have lots of roots already and they need to be replanted too. My brother had a bunch of bonsai plants collection and our front yard was so full of greens and no colors. I had to move some of the plants so the front yard is not so full of greens. I asked my sister to give me some of her euphorbia collections so our front yard will have some colors too. I love flowers and I'm not contented with just the green plants in our yard. I will have to buy some roses too for my garden. My cactus collection are still alive and I'm glad that my brother took care of it. I just need to add some soil in their pots. I'll post some pics of my plants after I'm done replanting and landscaping the yard.

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Anonymous said...

Seems that you are a go green gal out there. It's really good to take away the things that you don't need. Obviously you know how to take care of your own yard and the environment because planting some plants and flowers around it can help produce clean air. So keep it up!

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