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Saturday, January 17, 2009

At San Fabian Beach

Hubby and I arrived in the Philippines with cough and colds. We got it when we were still in Texas. Hubby's cough was really bad. I thought of going to the beach early in the morning because they said that it's good to inhale the morning breeze. I asked my youngest brother Albin to drive us there. San Fabian Beach is only about 45 minutes drive from our house. We didn't swim, we just went walking back and forth on the sea shore. We will go back there one of these days and we'll have a picnic. It was really good to see the beach again after more than 5 years of not seeing any beach at all.

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Anonymous said...

wow surely have a great time in the PI...are you living there for good? kaka envy naman buhay mo jan...hehhe!

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