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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Went To The Mall

Last Saturday, my hubby and I went to the mall to redeem the freebie that Bath and Body Works had sent me through the mail. When we arrived there, it was so hard to find a parking space in front so we ended up parking at the rear side of the mall. As always, my hubby isn't very keen to go to the mall. He said that he will just wait on me in the parking lot. But of course with my prodding and talking, he finally went with me inside the mall. Oh my, the mall was full of people! Hubby and I was surprised to see a lot of shoppers despite the economic crisis here in the US. You can't tell that our country is on recession when you go to the stores and shopping malls.

We walked to the Bath and Body Works to redeem the coupon that I have. I was to buy any item of any price and I can choose a free gift worth $13. So I just bought 2 body splash and 2 lotions and I was able to get the freebie. The cashier gave me a coupon worth $10 discount when I will buy their products worth $30 in my next shopping. While I was inside the store, my hubby was outside waiting on me. He can't stand a crowded store. I will give these stuffs that I bought as "pasalubong" when we go back to the Philippines. Below is the photo of what I got. The one in the box is my freebie.

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