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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Blog

I just created another blog folks. I hope you will visit it too by clicking here. I didn't want to make another blog but since my other blog has been flagged down by PPP, I decided to create another one. I even bought a domain because it's on sale right now at 1and1. I only paid $3.99 for my domain for 1 year and it's really a good deal. See you in my other blog entitled Memory Lane. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

hi. i know you look familiar. sure i will visit the other blog right after i leave you a message.

merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

hi sis! ang ganda nitong blog mo ngayon. what happened to ur blog pala sis? tagal na rin akong di nakavisit kac. so i missed a lot, hehe. musta na? oh btw, i've heard u've used FILTEX balikbayan box? i used them kac eh kaso lang di pa nareceive ng family ko sa pinas. i sent it first week of nov. sabi nila 40days daw. so it should be there dec 18. how's ur experience with them? late ba or on time? if late, how late naman kaya? i feel bad na kac i sent a christmas outfit for my nephew sayang naman kung di nya masuot on christmas. o cge sis. i'll wait for ur reply nalang. ingat and merry christmas!

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