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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My New Digital Camera- Canon PowerShot A590 IS

For the past few days, I've been busy surfing the internet reading reviews of the best selling digital cameras. I wanted to buy a new one as a back up to my old digicam which is a Nikon. I've been choosing from Sony and Canon. My first digicam was a Sony. What I like about Sony is the shutter speed and natural color of the photos. But the downside of Sony is that you only use Sony batteries and they are so pricey. Also you have to use a memory stick instead of memory cards and they cost more. After reading all the consumers' reviews from different websites, I decided to buy a Canon Powershot digital camera at Circuit City the other day because it has good reviews. It was also on sale and I got it only for $119 plus tax. The regular price was $179.99 so I saved $60. I also bought a 4GB SDHC memory card which was on sale also for only $14.99. So all in all, I paid $146.12 including the tax. I think this is a very good deal and I saved a lot of money. This is my 3rd digital camera and I hope it will last for a while. For sure I would be using this camera very often when we go back to the Philippines. My sister told me that digital cameras are so expensive in the Philippines that's why I decided to buy one for back up.

Last night, I tried to use my new camera and the photos were clear. I still have to read the manual to learn how to operate it better. So far, I'm happy with my purchase and I love my new Canon Powershot digital camera. It takes quality and exceptional photos. No wonder it has been said that this is the best selling digital camera for 2008 according to consumers' reviews.

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