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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Packing

Since Monday, my hubby and I have been busy packing up our things. We filled up 4 jumbo boxes and had been picked up last Thursday to be shipped to the Philippines. We got 4 more jumbo boxes to put the things that we want to ship to the Philippines. Our house is a mess right now. Hubby had been busy shredding those old check booklets and some papers with our personal information before throwing it in the dumpster. It seems that our packing is taking most of our time. Those things that we can't send to the Philippines will be given to my step-kids. They will come and get it sometime next week. We will be vacating this house on the 3rd week of this month. Hubby and I will be moving to Alvarado and spend Christmas and New Year there with his kids. Then we will fly to the Philippines but I won't tell the date here. It will be a surprise.

I am already so excited to go back to my native land. After more than 5 years of being away from my family, I will finally see them soon. How I wish we could go there before Christmas but there are still a lot of things to be taken care of. And besides, the airfare for this month is so expensive because it's peak season. I can't wait to go home. Christmas in the Philippines is merrier and happier because there are more activities and more celebrations compared here. Anyways, I'm counting the days and I thank God for opening the doors for us to go back there. He knows our hearts' desire and out plans, to start a ministry for the Lord. Philippines, see you soon...Thank you Lord for your blessings and provisions. Words are not enough to express my heartfelt thanks Lord. You are so marvelous and great is thy faithfulness O Lord!!!


Anonymous said...


advance merry xmas kenka, ken ni lakay mo ken ti sibubukel a pamilyam :-)

Lisa said...

salamat Jessie ti panagbisitam ditoy ken ti greetings mo.

Anonymous said...

kailan na ngarud ti awid yo manang? inggit yata ako. sa pangasinan ba kayo base?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was blog-hopping. Have a safe trip! Philippines is waiting for you :)

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