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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Hubby With His Co-workers

My hubby's last day of work was last Monday. He resigned because we're going back to the Philippines and stay there for a while. On his last day of work, the teachers bought his lunch so it saved me from cooking, he-he! When he got home in the afternoon. he brought with him the cards, gifts and cash money that the teachers and the kids had given him. He let me read the cards and I was teary-eyed because the students and teachers wanted him to stay. They wrote that they gonna miss him when he leaves. I know that he felt sad too because he was really very fond of the kids in the school and also he gets along well with all the teachers there. While reading the cards I really felt how they love my hubby in the school. He made a good impression to all the people he worked with. My hubby was a good worker. In fact, even when he's not feeling well, he still go to work. It really made me upset because instead of resting, he still thinks of his work and go. I told him that his salary is not enough to cover the expenses if he gets very ill.

Last Thursday, my hubby and I attended the Christmas lunch in the school. It's the last time for him to be with his co-workers so we went and left our busy schedule of packing up our things. We did have a good lunch, lots of pasta, vegetable salad, etc. I took photos of my hubby with his co-workers. This will be his souvenir with them, something to see if he will miss his co-workers when we will be in the Philippine.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Blog

I just created another blog folks. I hope you will visit it too by clicking here. I didn't want to make another blog but since my other blog has been flagged down by PPP, I decided to create another one. I even bought a domain because it's on sale right now at 1and1. I only paid $3.99 for my domain for 1 year and it's really a good deal. See you in my other blog entitled Memory Lane. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cantata

Yesterday night, we had the Christmas Cantata in our church. The choir rendered Christmas carols and we really enjoyed listening to them. Our song leader, Bro. Gary did a great job in practicing the choir. I really felt the spirit of Christmas while listening to the lyrics of the songs. The choir sang those songs beautifully and I felt that they were singing with all their hearts. We celebrate Christmas because our dear Lord Jesus Christ was born here on earth in a lowly manger. He left heaven and came here on earth, suffered and died just to save us. It's my prayer that people will realize the true meaning of Christmas. Just remember that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.

I took some photos while the choir was rendering the Christmas carols last night. Here are some of it.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ladies Had Fun!

We had the Ladies' Christmas party last night and it was held at the Turner's house. The ladies of the Victory Baptist Church gathered together last night to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ms. Marsha hosted the party and we're so thankful to her for opening her house to us. She and the other ladies had prepared the foods and they were so yummy! After we ate, we had the exchange gifts. All the gifts were put in the middle. It's not the traditional exchange gifts that we used to do. We had to draw lots and then our numbers were called starting from number 1. As the number was called, each lady will go and choose a gift and then she will open it and put it in front of her. If the next lady who is called would want the gift that was already opened, she can steal it. I didn't do it because I wanted to see what's in those bags that were not yet opened. I was contented with what I got which were pot holders, mittens and hand towels. It's already packed in my luggage. I'll take it with me to the Philippines.

Here are some photos taken last night. I used my new Canon digicam and the photos came out crisp and clear. I'm really happy with my purchase.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My New Digital Camera- Canon PowerShot A590 IS

For the past few days, I've been busy surfing the internet reading reviews of the best selling digital cameras. I wanted to buy a new one as a back up to my old digicam which is a Nikon. I've been choosing from Sony and Canon. My first digicam was a Sony. What I like about Sony is the shutter speed and natural color of the photos. But the downside of Sony is that you only use Sony batteries and they are so pricey. Also you have to use a memory stick instead of memory cards and they cost more. After reading all the consumers' reviews from different websites, I decided to buy a Canon Powershot digital camera at Circuit City the other day because it has good reviews. It was also on sale and I got it only for $119 plus tax. The regular price was $179.99 so I saved $60. I also bought a 4GB SDHC memory card which was on sale also for only $14.99. So all in all, I paid $146.12 including the tax. I think this is a very good deal and I saved a lot of money. This is my 3rd digital camera and I hope it will last for a while. For sure I would be using this camera very often when we go back to the Philippines. My sister told me that digital cameras are so expensive in the Philippines that's why I decided to buy one for back up.

Last night, I tried to use my new camera and the photos were clear. I still have to read the manual to learn how to operate it better. So far, I'm happy with my purchase and I love my new Canon Powershot digital camera. It takes quality and exceptional photos. No wonder it has been said that this is the best selling digital camera for 2008 according to consumers' reviews.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Went To The Mall

Last Saturday, my hubby and I went to the mall to redeem the freebie that Bath and Body Works had sent me through the mail. When we arrived there, it was so hard to find a parking space in front so we ended up parking at the rear side of the mall. As always, my hubby isn't very keen to go to the mall. He said that he will just wait on me in the parking lot. But of course with my prodding and talking, he finally went with me inside the mall. Oh my, the mall was full of people! Hubby and I was surprised to see a lot of shoppers despite the economic crisis here in the US. You can't tell that our country is on recession when you go to the stores and shopping malls.

We walked to the Bath and Body Works to redeem the coupon that I have. I was to buy any item of any price and I can choose a free gift worth $13. So I just bought 2 body splash and 2 lotions and I was able to get the freebie. The cashier gave me a coupon worth $10 discount when I will buy their products worth $30 in my next shopping. While I was inside the store, my hubby was outside waiting on me. He can't stand a crowded store. I will give these stuffs that I bought as "pasalubong" when we go back to the Philippines. Below is the photo of what I got. The one in the box is my freebie.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Packing

Since Monday, my hubby and I have been busy packing up our things. We filled up 4 jumbo boxes and had been picked up last Thursday to be shipped to the Philippines. We got 4 more jumbo boxes to put the things that we want to ship to the Philippines. Our house is a mess right now. Hubby had been busy shredding those old check booklets and some papers with our personal information before throwing it in the dumpster. It seems that our packing is taking most of our time. Those things that we can't send to the Philippines will be given to my step-kids. They will come and get it sometime next week. We will be vacating this house on the 3rd week of this month. Hubby and I will be moving to Alvarado and spend Christmas and New Year there with his kids. Then we will fly to the Philippines but I won't tell the date here. It will be a surprise.

I am already so excited to go back to my native land. After more than 5 years of being away from my family, I will finally see them soon. How I wish we could go there before Christmas but there are still a lot of things to be taken care of. And besides, the airfare for this month is so expensive because it's peak season. I can't wait to go home. Christmas in the Philippines is merrier and happier because there are more activities and more celebrations compared here. Anyways, I'm counting the days and I thank God for opening the doors for us to go back there. He knows our hearts' desire and out plans, to start a ministry for the Lord. Philippines, see you soon...Thank you Lord for your blessings and provisions. Words are not enough to express my heartfelt thanks Lord. You are so marvelous and great is thy faithfulness O Lord!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fall Shots

Here are more photos taken last week when hubby and I went to Alvarado for Thanksgiving. The first photo is me and my step-son Steven. I asked him to have a photo with me taken because we don't have yet a photo together. He is not really very fond to have his photos taken but he obliged when I asked him to pose with me. My hubby took our photo. Then I asked Steven and my hubby to pose so I can take their photo together. They don't have yet a photo together. Now we have souvenir photos with Steven, my hubby's youngest son.

Real Person Award

Thanks to Richelle for nominating me to be the recipient of this Maria Antoinette Award (Real Person Award).

And now, I would like to pass this award to my blogger friends whom I consider as a Real, Unique person:
Juliana (Pinay WAHM)
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Hope you are going to stay real and unique as always.....

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