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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Swarovski Orders

My sister in the Philippines sent these second set of swarovski orders of the ladies in our church a couple of weeks ago. As I blogged here before, my sister is making swarovski jewelries and she's selling them. She had sent me a set of swarovski jewelries before and when the ladies in our church had seen it, they placed their orders. Swarovski stones are really captivating to the eyes because they sparkle like diamonds. She make the jewelries with 10 karat gold spacers. I just got another order from one of our ladies in the church and she ordered 3 colors, crystal, black and brown swarovski bracelets and earrings. I called my sister and told her about the 3rd set of orders. She's now making it and she will send it as soon as she's done.

Below is the order of Ms. Christy:

And here are the orders of Ms. Marsha, our pastor's wife:

Below is the swarovski jewelry set that my sister gave me as gifts. I was so thankful and overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness. She's so sweet. Thank you sis. I love it!


Grace said...

Hi Lisa, your sister got a talent in making jewelries, while you got a talent in making beautiful crochet works.
I miss chatting with you, sis.

Micawatson said...


Anonymous said...
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