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Monday, November 10, 2008

My Hubby's Birthday

Today is my hubby's birthday. I cooked lunch for him this morning, baked chicken leg quarters, mashed potatoes and sauteed collard greens with ground beef. He ate it when he came home for lunch. When he got home from work this afternoon, he had with him a lot of birthday cards from the kids and teachers in the school where he works. He also got a 12" Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cathy, the school receptionist. He told me that Mary announced in the school this morning that it's his birthday today. He let me read all the birthday cards from the kids and teachers and I was so delighted. I've read how they love and appreciate my hubby in his workplace. I'm sure they gonna miss my hubby when he leaves and we'll go to the Philippines.

We had our supper at Golden Corral this evening. We used the gift card given to me by our church treasurer as a gift during my citizenship celebration. Golden Corral is our favorite restaurant here. I asked the waitress to take a photo of us while we were eating and I told her that it's my hubby's birthday. After a while, all the waitresses of Golden Corral came to our table, gave my hubby a cupcake and sang happy birthday to my hubby. We were so delighted of course. It was a very good celebration and hubby and I went home full and contented.


Christinehaze is SC's author said...

How sweet naman of you to prepared that delish tasty lunch! He must be proud and vice versa. Belated happy birthday to your hubby!

Lainy said...

Hi Ate LIs! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HUBBY! I know it's late but better than never, hehe!

I hope all is well Ate.

May God bless you both always!

Anonymous said...


happy birthday ken lakay mo kabsat. i hope the two of you are doing great. take care! :-)

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