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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lunch At Logan's

I'm happy to tell that we sold our house after more than a year that it's been in the market. My hubby and I have been praying to the good Lord that He will send us a buyer. We just trusted in God that He will answer our prayers in His time. There were lots of people who came and looked at our house. Some of them wanted to buy it but when we told them we want cash, they backed off. Most of them can't get a loan in the bank to pay us cash. It was really frustrating but we keep on praying and trusting God. He knows our hearts' desire, to sell our house and go back to the Philippines. God is really faithful. He gave us the buyer who can afford to pay us cash. Hubby and I were so happy and I was shedding tears of joy when we finally sold it. Hubby and I praised and worshiped God for answered prayers. We went to sign the papers last Thursday and the buyer handed to my hubby the check as payment for our house.

We deposited the check in the bank this morning. My hubby and I went to Logan's for lunch to celebrate. Actually, we used the gift card that was given to me as a gift during my citizenship celebration by one of the couples in our church. We ate to our heart's delight. The foods at Logan's were really good. My hubby ordered his favorite chicken friend steak with french fries and macaroni and cheese plus his tea. I ordered fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet potato baked. The foods were really great and tasted so good. We love Logan's and it's one of our favorite restaurants now.

Here are the foods that I ordered. They're yummy!!!

Below is what my hubby ordered. They're yummy and it filled his tummy!!!

We were busy eating and enjoying our meal but we took time to pose for a photo as souvenir.

My hubby with his take-home baggy.

In front of Logan's Roadhouse


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you sold your house, Lisa! Yes, God does answer prayers. I am so sad you will be leaving, though. But mainly I am happy because I know this is what you and George really wanted. Have a good weekend,

Euronics said...

congrats...i know how it is when the real state business dropped so bad in the US...sad story...your lukcy to sold your house despite of the crisis..thanks for the visit in my

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