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Friday, November 7, 2008

I've Got Mail!

My US naturalization certificate arrived in the mail today. I submitted it when I applied for my passport. As I wrote in my previous post, my US passport arrived yesterday but I was disappointed that my naturalization certificate didn't come with it so I have to call the office which issued the passport. The lady told me it will be mailed separately in about two weeks. I was worried because I submitted the original copy. But today I was relieved because I got it in the mail. That was quick. Thank you Lord. I can see now our plans in going to the Philippines coming through. The answer to our prayers just came one by one. I will not write yet all the details. I will in due time. Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Lord you are so great and awesome. Great is thy faithfulness O Lord!


Unknown said...

Congrats! Your now are free to travel around the world, hehehe.

DebbieDana said...


EugeneRose said...

Congrats :):) thank u for the comments in my blog. I just saw them .

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