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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend At Tanglewood Resort Hotel

God is really good. He has His own way to bless us by using other people. My hubby and I had the opportunity to go on a weekend vacation at a place that only the rich people can afford. Wayne and Melissa invited us to go with them at Tanglewood Resort Hotel in Pottsboro, TX. They flew from Iowa and they came to pick us direct from the DFW airport. We drove there last Friday night and spent 2 days with them there. The place was great, the hotel buildings were so fancy. While driving to that place, we passed by lots of trees, it's like we were in the middle of the forest. I didn't expect that we will end up in a place with fancy and modern buildings. Hubby and I were just expecting that we will end up in a cabin.

The place where we stayed was in the 3rd floor in one of the hotel buildings. It has 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen complete with utensils and appliances. The living room was spacious and the dining table is good for 6 people. Even our room has a small refrigerator and coffeemaker, etc. Melissa later found out that our suite costs $450 a night. Wow! It's too expensive. Her parents had a time sharing in that place so they were able to use it and pay only a small amount for the whole time they gonna stay there until Wednesday or Thursday. Hubby and I were so thankful to Wayne and Melissa for inviting us there. We had a good time visiting Lake Texoma and went out sightseeing around the nearby cities. Thank you Lord for a good weekend vacation and for all your unending blessings and provisions. I can't thank you enough Lord. I praise and worship your Mighty name. I praise you Lord Jesus!

The view across our hotel building.

The hotel building where we stayed.

In our hotel room.

In the hotel's dining room while eating our supper.


Grace said...

Hi, Lisa. Here I am again. After reading your comments, I feel that I need to get back to you right away. It's about your problem in the ear. I have that same problem, too. I have it for awhile already. It is called "Tinnitus". For more information about that, you can search that online. I hope you can find answers about your problem then. But actually, mine is worst than you may think it is. I have been to hearing check-up twice last month.

Grace said...

oh, i'm so sorry for your, Lisa. actually, i am not treating mine. what i did is just avoiding it to become worst by having enough rest and not missing a meal, becuase on my case, these are the reason of attack. And yes, sad to say, it has no cure. I hate it. I also hate air pressure when on the plane. It really makes me sick.
By the way, Lisa, where in Philippines were you?

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