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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My US Citizenship Party

I had my US citizenship party last Sunday night after our church service. It was held at our church's fellowship hall. I made lots of lumpia, 125 all in all and I brought 48 burritos. I had 2 big cakes courtesy of Ms. Marsha and Ann's mom-in-law. Members of our church brought foods too and we had a good time. I was so elated with the love of my church family here for attending my party and bringing foods too. Some brought sandwiches, chicken tenders, veggies, chips, cupcakes, cookies, etc. The tables were decorated with small US flags courtesy of Bro. Allen and his wife Alicia.

My hubby told me to deliver a speech and so I did. I stood up while everyday were eating and I thanked everybody who came and those who brought foods and decorated our dining tables. I also told them that I'm happy to become a US citizen after a long process. There were lots of paper works and lots of money too were needed for the filing of those application forms. At last, my immigration journey came to an end. I told them I am honored to become a US citizen and be able to live in this great and blessed country, USA. After my speech, our pastor gave me a present from the church, a book about America's founding history. It was signed by all our church members who were present. I also got a Mexican recipe book from my friend Toni and Ms. Patty gave me a gift card from Golden Corral where my hubby and I love to eat. I really enjoyed the party and I thank God for my church family.

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