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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Went On Visitation

Yesterday morning, our pastor's wife, Ms. Marsha and I went to visit some ladies in our church. The first lady we went to visit was not in her house so we just left a note that we stopped by her house to see her but we missed her. Then we went to another house of one of our ladies and we stopped by. It so happened that the next lady we went to visit was the mom of the first lady that we went to visit but she was not there. Guess what? She was in her mom's house. We were happy to see both mom and daughter. It's like we hit 2 birds in 1 stone in our next stop. So we chatted for a while and before we left, we joined hands and Ms. Marsha said a prayer. We went to visit one more elderly lady and we had a good conversation with her. Those ladies that we visited were so sweet and I love them. They're like mom to me. It made me miss my late mom whenever I see older ladies. I love talking to them. Before we left the last lady we visited, Ms. Marsha said a prayer for her. I had a good time doing the visitation. Hope to do it again next week.

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