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Monday, September 15, 2008

Ladies' Retreat

Last Friday and Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ladies' Retreat at Grayson Bible Baptist Church in Sherman, TX. I went with the ladies in our church and it was truly a blessing. I was so thankful to our pastor's wife for inviting me to go there and paid the registration for me. I've been praying to the good Lord to give me the strength that I needed and also to be able to sleep as I've been having problems getting sleep lately. The Lord heard my prayer and I was able to go. There were many ladies who attended the retreat from different churches in Texas. The speakers were all pastor's wives and they were all so good. Their messages were all so encouraging and the Lord spoke to my heart while I was listening to the message on Saturday. It really touched my heart as I was having some health issues lately that I developed anxiety and sleepless nights. During the invitation, I went to the altar with my friend and I poured out my heart to God. I cried and cried there and it made me feel lighter after that. We had a good time there and I attended the Cookie class and I learned how to make and decorate cookies.

The foods were great and I ate to my heart's delight. That church was big, clean, well decorated and very nice church. I can't help myself but to compare it with our churches in the Philippines. This country is so blessed that they have all the comfort and luxury in all the churches here. I just wish we have also there in the Philippines the church buses that they have here in bringing kids to the church. There are lots of kids there who are out of church on Sundays because nobody cares to invite and take them to church. This is now the burden in my heart and also my hubby, to see people get saved in the Philippines.

Anyways, I really had a great time at the retreat. I am so thankful and grateful to our pastor and his wife Ms. Marsha for making it possible for me to attend. They are God-sent to me and they are truly a blessing to my life. I praise God for that and to God be the glory forever and ever.

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