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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ladies' Fellowship

Yesterday night, we had the ladies' fellowship in our church. I almost forgot about it though. I was busy cooking our supper at 6:00 PM when suddenly I remembered that we have the ladies' fellowship at 7:00 PM. My hubby told me to stop whatever I'm cooking but it's a good thing that I was almost done cooking all my vegetables. I went to get ready, showered and changed my clothes. My vegetables were cooked before I left the house. We had a good attendance of the ladies who attended the fellowship last night. The hosts prepared German snacks and drink and we really enjoyed it. We had also a game and then our pastor's wife gave here devotional. Hubby came to pick me up a few minutes after we dismissed. Next month, it's me and our pastor's wife who will host the ladies' fellowship.

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lovefamilymemories said...

Hi Lisa,
Gosh, I am reading the whole blog! I have a question. I see you are hosting the ladies get together at your church next month. Could I be the guest speaker? I give presentations on the importance of taking care of our photos. I usually bring scrapbooking into it, and why everyone should take care of their photos. You let me know if it would work out. Thanks, mary

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