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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hubby Is Getting Addicted Too

My hubby has been spending most of his free time now infront of the computer. Since I signed him up in Friendster, he's been having a great time viewing other profiles and inviting friends to add him up. He was also sending messages and comments to those in his friends' list. I think I made a mistake in signing him up huh! It's like he's been addicted now in this friendster thing. My hubby is my co-author in my other blog Precious Words but it seems like he's spending more of his time now in Friendster. We need to get a router so we can use the PC and laptop at the same time because when he's in the computer I have to wait till he's done. I thought before that I was the only one addicted to computer but my hubby is now getting addicted too. I think it's my fault because I got him into it.

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