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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google Strikes Again!

The high and mighty Google strikes again. Two of my blogs with PR had been affected. My food blog was down from PR 2 to PR 1. I didn't wonder no more because I've been doing paid blogging in this blog. It's a good thing the PR 2 stayed in that blog of mine for more than 4 months before it was reduced to PR 1. I had made some money doing paid blogging in that blog of mine. But what really puzzled me is my blog Precious Words which is not doing sponsored reviews but purely inspirational, devotional and personal testimonies of me and my hubby. It has a PR 2 for a long time but the PR was ripped off just today and it's now PR 0. So even blogs that doesn't do paid blogging were affected. Or maybe Google doesn't like our blog because we're sharing the Word of God to others? Makes me wonder. But anyway, my hubby and I will still continue sharing the gospel to others in that blog. Nobody can stop us. We have to do the great commission of Jesus Christ,"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

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Anonymous said...


I got deranked too, just today. My PR2 site got slapped to a PR0 site although I was anticipating this because of paid blogging. At any rate, I have learned that while you have a PR, you have to make use of it.

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