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Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy Weekend

Hubby and I had been busy during the weekend. We were invited by our pastor and his wife at their house to have supper with them. It was our first time to go to their house. They have a nice house and it was very clean and orderly. Our pastor's wife had prepared a good meal and my hubby and I really enjoyed our fellowship with them. It was really good to have fellowship with our fellow Christians. We talked about different things and also about our plans in going back to the Philippines in God's perfect time. Then before we left, we held hands together and we prayed. We had such a good time. While we were there, my step-daughter, Shelly and Josh arrived in our house. We were so delighted to have them us. They spent the night and they went with us to church the next day. I've been waiting for them to come over and spent the night with us. They went home yesterday afternoon. I cooked pancit and puto for them to take home. Hubby and I enjoyed their company and we wish they will come again next time.

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