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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bell Peppers In My Garden

I was having a great time yesterday looking at my garden. My bell peppers are so green and they yielded lots of bell peppers this time. In fact I picked some of it and mixed it with the chicken afritada that I cooked yesterday. I was not contented looking at it that I went inside the house, got my camera and took several photos of my bell peppers. I was so delighted that my garden is doing good. The rain had helped a lot and also the weather is getting cooler this time of the year which is a great factor that helped my veggies. By the way, all my vegetables are organic. I don't use fertilizers or pesticides. Here are the photos of my bell peppers.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice bell peppers. Home grown vegetables are still the best. Not just that you can be proud of growing them, finally you also will be rewarded with great tasting vegetables.

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