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Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Waiting For The Schedule Of My Oath Ceremony

I heard in the news that there were 17 people who sworn in for their citizenship last Friday at the courthouse here in our city. I was so disappointed because I was not one of them. I just submitted the police clearance that the USCIS asked me to mail to them last August 11. That made the delay for my swearing in for my citizenship. If only they told me to submit it to them before I went there for the interview, I could have sworn in also last Friday. Now I'm still wondering when will they schedule me for my oath ceremony. One of our church members told me yesterday that they do the oath ceremony here in our city every 6 months. My golly! I couldn't wait that long. I hope I would swear in soon. I have to wait for their notification through mail. I just pray to God that I would receive it ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sure it will be in no time sis. congrats nga pala. i still haven't submitted my application. anyway, thanks nga pala for visiting my blog. it's been a long time na rin di ako nakapasyal dito. been busy na kac my son is starting kindergarten na and i feel like i'm going to school din, haha! o cge ingat sis. have a great week!

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