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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Waiting For My Naturalization Oath Ceremony

It's been almost 2 months since I had my citizenship interview last June 18 and passed it but until now I'm still waiting for the schedule of my oath ceremony. They USCIS officer who interviewed me required me to submit to them a police clearance through mail because my fingerprints could not be processed by the FBI. Imagine, they had to re-take my fingerprints twice but still they were not able to process it. I wonder what was wrong with my finger prints because when they took my finger prints, the computer said "passed". Now it caused me delay in waiting for my oath ceremony. The officer who interviewed me only told me to submit a police clearance from the city where I resided for the past 3 years. I did sent it 2 days after my interview. It took more than one a half month before I heard from them last August 6. They were requiring me to submit 2 more police clearance from the 2 cities where we previously resided. I wonder why it took them so long to tell me that. They should have told me that I needed to submit those 3 police clearances before I went for the citizenship interview. I have been waiting for so long now. What a delay! The USCIS are not organized and it took them so long to process paperworks.

So last Wednesday, my hubby and I went to get the police clearance from Iowa Park and last Friday, we drove all the way to Alvarado to get the police clearance there. We spent a lot of money for the gas already not to mention the foods that we ate in the restaurant. The money and the effort is nothing compared to the long wait that I've been experiencing right now. Anyways, I already mailed the 2 police clearance that they required last Monday and I hope that the USCIS will schedule my oath ceremony soon. My friends in the church kept on asking me when will I swear in. They wanted to attend it. I told them I'll let them know as soon as I will get the schedule of my oath ceremony from the USCIS. I'm patiently waiting, that's all I can do and of course I pray to the good Lord.


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