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Monday, August 25, 2008

Payments Problem

I've been having problems in cashing out my cash balance in SS since yesterday. Whenever I cash out my payments it says error. I did try many times but to no avail. It really frustrate me. I already sent a ticket in SS. Today, PPP had e-mailed me that three of my posts has been approved for payments. I checked my Paypal account but to my dismay, the payments were not credited their. The amount was already deducted in my balance in PPP. It's the first time that I experienced this kind of problem in SS and PPP. They were always reliable when it comes to payments but I wonder what went wrong with their system. I sent a ticket to both SS and PPP today and I'm waiting for their reply. Hope they will resolve the problem soon. Am I the only one experiencing this problem or are there bloggers out there who encountered the same problem like I have now?

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