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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Noisy and Messy Neighbors

I've been busy this morning cleaning our front and backyard. My hubby mowed the front yard yesterday afternoon and I had to sweep the mowed leaves and also there were some trash there coming from our neighbor's yard. These neighbors of ours are so messy. They don't throw their trash in the trash cans. They just throw it in their yard and when the wind blows, it come to our yard. I hate it. Sometimes, they honk their car and it really create noise. My hubby and I wish that these neighbors of our will move out soon so we will not be bothered by their noise and their trash. Of all the neighbors we had in the past, these current neighbors of ours are the worst. They are slum and noisy. They are renting the house next door. We are praying that we can sell our house soon so we can move out from here. There is one couple who gonna come and look at our house this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...


Talagang mahirap makisama fren especially kung maingaay ang kapitbahay eh very annoying. May ganyan din kami dito sa place namin for your info. Minsan gusto ko nga syang batuhin pero nagtitimpi lang ako. lol!

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