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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've Been Weeding

I continued weeding off my vegetable garden this morning. The weeds had grown so fast after it rained for the past few days. They were already taller than my vegetables. I was in my garden for an hour and I pulled out lots of weeds and grass. It was warm and I sweat a lot. When I got tired and can't handle the heat no more, I stopped. I watered my veggies and then I went inside the house. The weeds that I pulled out are still there. I'll let them dry out then I'll ask my hubby to throw it in the dumpster. At least my veggies looks better without the weeds covering them. My squash are making little bitty squash now and also my bottle gourd (upo). I hope they will grow and not die because of the heat. After the rain, temperature gets hotter again. I can't wait till it's fall season.

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