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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hubby And I Got Massaged

Hubby and I went to my massage therapist and both of us got massaged this morning. It's the first time that my hubby agreed to have a massage. I've been asking him to get a massage too but he kept saying no. So for the past 2 years, I was the only one being massaged. My massage therapist will be closing his clinic on the 31st of this month because he'll be moving to Wisconsin. I told my hubby that he needs to have a massage before that. Besides, my masseur gave us a free massage coupon redeemable before he close his clinic. So both of us went this morning and I was able to convince my hubby to get a massage to. He's been complaining of lower back pain and also his ankle. I was the one who had the massage first and after that it was my hubby's turn. One hour for each of us. I felt so relaxed after my massage session so does my hubby. He said he felt a lot better than when we went in. He also said that he can run a race now, he-he! I told my masseur that we will both go back there before he closes his clinic. His asking fee is the lowest in town and he's so friendly to us. We'll surely gonna miss him when he leave. I have to find another massage therapist when he leaves.

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