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Friday, August 22, 2008

At Cracker Barrel

Last Sunday after church, my hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel restaurant to have lunch. My hubby have 2 gift cards from this restaurant worth $10 each which was given to him as Christmas present from the parents of the kids in their school. We used it for that day to pay our lunch. The restaurant was packed and we had to wait for 5 minutes to be seated. My hubby ordered his favorite chicken steak with fried okra and french fries on the side and I ordered chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes and coleslaw on the side. I haven't eaten chicken and dumplings yet so I was curious how does it taste. To my dismay, it doesn't taste good to me, even their mashed potatoes. I will never order it again and I told hubby I will not try to cook chicken and dumplings because I don't like it. It's a good thing they gave us dinner rolls and corn bread while waitting on our orders so that filled me up. I just asked for a box and took home my order. My hubby ate it for supper.

This is what I ordered, chicken and dumplings and mashed potatoes and it was not as good as I thought.

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