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Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Had A Great Time in OKC

Hubby and I just got back this afternoon from our 3 days get away in OKC. We visited a lot of the tourist attractions there and all I can say is that Oklahoma City has beautiful tourist spots. Most of their attractions are centralized and you don't have to drive far just to go from one place to the other. Whoever planned and designed the tourist spots there really did a good job. Just to give you a bird's eye view of the places we've been to, I'll write the places that we visited. I'll just post later the full description of the places when I've already rested. I'm still tired of the walking that we did the past couple of days and also this morning.

First place that we went to was the Bricktown Canal and we rode the water taxi. Then the next day, we went to see the OKCs National Memorial in the morning and in the afternoon, we went to visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Crystal Bridge. Then this morning, the last place we visited was the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum. Hubby and I enjoyed all the places we've visited and the entrance fees are all worth it. If you haven't visited Oklahoma City yet, then you should see this beautiful city with lots of tourist attractions and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it like we did. Here are some photos. I'll post more next time.

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Anonymous said...

hi! manang. glad to know you had fun. nice pics by the way.

everything is now restored, but I lost a month's worth of entries on the two sites.

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