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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Serving Our Lord On His Day

It's the day of the Lord and it's been a good day today as usual. We had a good worship service in our church this morning. My friend Shiela called after lunch and invited us to go to their house for another get-together party this afternoon but hubby and I opted not to go. I was just too sleepy after lunch and I just wanted to relax and get a nap. Hubby and I decided to watch a comedy, love story movie. After that we went to attend the evening service in our church. Our former pastor who is already retired was there with his wife visiting. It was good to see them after more than a year since he retired. They were asked to render a special song and I just love listening to their favorite song, Ship Ahoy. That's there trademark song and they sang it beautifully. Our pastor delivered very good messages this morning and this evening. After the service tonight, we had some refreshments at the fellowship hall because it's one year anniversary of our Pastor in our church today. We had some drinks, cake, ice cream and nuts. Then our pastor and his wife were given their anniversary presents from our church, a GPS for pastor Turner and a bouquet of roses and gift card for Ms. Marsha. It's been a year since Pastor Turner and Ms. Marsha joined our church and they've done a tremendous work in our church. We are so blessed to have them and we pray that they will be with us for many more years to come to do the work for the Lord.

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