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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Myriad Botanical Garden and Crystal Bridge

The next place we visited in Oklahoma City was the botanical garden. I just love to visit gardens and nice parks. Myriad Botanical Garden in OKC is a nice place to go if you're a nature lover and you love to see beautiful landscapes and gorgeous plants and flowers. Inside the botanical garden lies the Crystal Bridge. But you have to pay the entrance fee which is $6 each to go inside. I asked the cashier what's inside and she said a variety of more than 2,000 flora and fauna. So my hubby bought the tickets and we went inside.

Oh my, it was so beautiful inside the Crystal Bridge! Different varieties of tropical plants were there with all those beautiful and colorful flowers. The landscape was so beautiful too. I could stay there for long and just stare at the beauty of the surroundings. We climbed the top and walked across the bridge and went to to the other side. Though I was scared of heights, it didn't stop me and I just walked slowly while looking down at the view from the top. My hubby was busy taking video while walking and I was also busy clicking my digicam. Then when we were done feasting our eyes with the view, we went out and explore Myriad Botanical garden. The surroundings were beautiful, lawns and trees were green and neatly trimmed. Flowers and fountains were so captivating. What a view! I just love this place. Here are some photos taken there.

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