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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Veggies

Well, as I have written before, I started my vegetable garden late this year. I just got preoccupied with my blogging. Imagine, I have 5 blogs to update and it really made me so busy. But anyways, I already harvested a lot of my squash flowers and also some of my string beans. Some of my collard greens are ready for harvest too. Also my okra have some ready to be picked. It rained yesterday and it made my veggies greener and healthier too. They grow quickly if the rain waters them. This time last year, I have already harvested a bunch of my string beans and tomatoes. But now, my tomatoes had just started to bloom. I hope they will bear more fruits even though I planted them late. My sweet potatoes had recovered from the devastation it receive from hubby's mowing. It has more vines now and thicker leaves. Here are some pics of my veggies that I took a few days ago.

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