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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Brother Is Excited

I talked to my brother and his wife the other day through Skype. Their baby is due anytime now. It's their first baby and of course they are so excited. I'm excited too. It's another addition in the family. Their baby is a girl and I suggested a name for her. I'm glad they like it. I will just tell the name of their baby when she will be delivered. My brother and his wife went to inquire how much would it cost for a normal delivery in the hospital there in the Philippines. It's too much now, one hospital charges P20,000 and the cheaper one is P17,000. My sister-in-law has PhilHealth so she has discount. My brother is unemployed right now since he was laid-off but he has some sidelines like making house plans, wedding invitations, etc. He is planning to apply as an Auto CADD draftsman overseas but he's just waiting for his wife to give birth. Of course he wants to see their baby first before going abroad. He's excited to be a new daddy.

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