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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Won First Prize!!!

Cheers for me!!! I'm so happy that I won the first prize in Juliana's contest. This is the first ever contest that I won since I became a blogger. My effort paid off. Since the start I was really determined to win the top prize. I had a great time reading her posts and making comments in her 3 blogs. She's a good writer and I learned a lot about her. If you have time, visit her blogs and read her posts. She'll be having another contest soon.

Here's her post announcing the winners:

It’s time to celebrate! The actual date of my blog anniversary was not such a day worthy of any celebration because of the mishap. The perfect time to celebrate is today, as I’m also announcing the winners of my first ever contest.

Lisa L. - $100
Mari - $55
AiDiSan - $40
Heidi - $30
Rocks - $25

To all my blogger friends who participated in the contest, thank you very much for your participation. I hope you’ll join me again in the future. I will be glad to have you again. This is definitely not the last contest; there will be more to come.

To the winners, please leave me your PayPal accounts so I know where to send the prizes to. Remember, comments are being moderated, so you need not worry about your accounts getting published.


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