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Sunday, July 13, 2008

House For Sale

Hubby and I bought this house more than three years ago. When we moved here in Wichita Falls, hubby and I just planned to rent an apartment but then I told my hubby it's better to buy a house than to rent. An acquaintance of ours offered us to buy this house. My hubby wasn't interested because it's on a busy street but the catch is we didn't have to pay a down payment which is good. The house is old and my hubby and I had made a lot improvements. I replaced some tiles inside and also repainted the kitchen cabinets. It's a good thing my hubby knows carpentry works and he had replaced some windows and also the back door. He repainted the outside of the house and he put the balusters in the front porch. After all the works that were done, the house looks a lot better now. The back yard is spacious. It has 4 pecan trees which bear a bunch of pecans each year. I also have my vegetable garden there.

Before we moved here, we owned a house in Alvarado. Hubby and I spent a lot of money renovating and improving that house. It's being rented to own now and the rent is what we use to pay our house here. Our house now is in the market. We had put it on sale because we planned to go back to the Philippines when everything else will be settled. I pray that God will give us a buyer so we can sell our house soon.

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Anonymous said...

hi! manang, this is good that you posted your house is for sale. you gain more exposure, someone could be interested. suggestion ko lang, maybe you'll consider posting pics in the inside for more exposure.

kailan na ba ang time table ng move nyo back home?

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