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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Hotel Where We Stayed

Before we went to OKC, I searched in the internet for a good hotel where we can stay and I read the reviews too. The hotel I chose was close to all the tourist attractions and it was clean and both hubby and I were satisfied with the services. The rate is not that expensive too. Hubby and I enjoyed our stay there. I didn't even take my laptop with me so I wasn't able to blog for 3 days. My hubby said I don't need to blog when we are on vacation so I left my laptop at home.

The hotel where we stayed had a free high speed internet service but I'm glad I didn't have to blog and all we did when we were back at the hotel after a long day was to rest, watch tv and eat. Oh, what a life! I was free from all the house chores for three days and I love it. Who wouldn't want to just relax, go sight-seeing and just eat and sleep afterwards? I just wish my hubby and I will go on vacation again so we'll have a good time. Oklahoma City is a beautiful place to visit with all their tourist attractions worth visiting. Let me post some pics taken at the hotel where we stayed.

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