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Monday, June 2, 2008

Went Shopping...

Hubby and I went to 2 stores last Saturday to buy some stuffs. First, we went to Tuesday Morning to buy gifts for Ann's baby shower. I also bought a hair iron to straighten my hair. I was having a hard time fixing my hair because of the fly-away curls and I don't like it. Then the next destination was at Target to buy a kitchen timer. I had no plans to shop for clothes but when we were there, I've seen the tank tops at the Juniors department and they were only $3 each. I ended up buying 3 tank tops for summer, 1 t-shirt and a summer sleep wear. Then when we were looking around, I've seen a stone ware pie plate so I asked hubby to buy. We got 2 of the pie plates. We also bought a 7 cup pitcher that filters water so we will not have to buy bottled water no more. Hubby said, we only went to Target to buy a kitchen timer but we ended up buying a lot of things, he-he! I told him it's only once in a while that I go to the store and shop. When we got home, I cooked chicken pot pie for our meal and I used the stone ware pie plate that we bought. My hubby loves chicken pot pie and he said I cooked it good.

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