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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scared By A Dog

This morning I was at the backyard and I just opened the gate leading to my vegetable garden to gather the squash flowers when the neighbor's dog ran towards me and kept barking. I was so terrified and I had to back off and closed the gate. The dog kept on barking at me. I threw him bricks and anything that I can grab I threw it to that damn dog. Then I went inside the house. I was mad because I wasn't able to get the flowers of my squash. That dog used to be tied at our neighbor's backyard but it got loosed. Their backyard is just beside my vegetable garden and I always see those dogs whenever I am in my garden but they were tied. My neighbor has a lot of dogs. Our fence is just a cyclone wire so I can see the dogs and they can see me too.

I went inside the house then I decided to go to my neighbor's house to tell them that their dog in their backyard got loosed and they need to tie it. I knocked their door many times but nobody opened it. So what I did, I went back to our house and called the Animal Control. I told them what happened and they came and talked to my neighbor. I've seen the officers at my neighbor's front yard talking with my neighbor. Then they left. I was still scared to go to my garden at the back though. I'll wait for my hubby to check if the dog is already tied. I called him by the way and told him what happened. He said that I should have not called the Animal Control. I told him why shouldn't I. The dog scared me and almost bit me had I not backed off and closed the backyard's gate. I told my hubby if that damn dog will get loosed again and come to my garden, I gonna poison her. Hubby said I shouldn't do that. He said he'd rather shoot that dog. I told him that's better, he-he-he!!!

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