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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Picnic At The Park

Our church held a picnic at the pavilion at Lucy Park yesterday afternoon. It started at 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. We had grilled burgers, hotdogs, chips, pastas, deviled eggs, potato salad, a lot of desserts like cakes, cobblers, fruits, etc. The men were grilling the burgers and hotdogs when we arrived there. Some of the church members played volley ball while waiting for the food to be cooked. Then it was time to eat. I only ate one burger sandwich and a little pasta and it really filled me up. Even I want to eat some more but my belly can't take no more, he-he! After we ate, there was a doughnut eating contest. It was fun. I got to play at the children's playground and rode the swing. It reminds me of my childhood days. I used to ride the swing in our school when I was in grade school. It was Friday the 13th yesterday by the way. My Taiwanese friend didn't want to come because she said it's Friday the 13th. She said she doesn't wanna go out. Hubby and I told her there's nothing wrong with Friday the 13th. If you are a Christian and truly believes in God, Friday the 13th is just another ordinary day. Besides it didn't say anything in the Bible about Friday the 13th. It's just a superstitious belief of non-Christians. Anyway, we had fun yesterday at the park and we enjoyed the picnic. It was a good day!


Lainy said...

I can't help but agree with you more, Ate lis! Di rin ako naniniwala sa Friday the 13th...

Hope you had a beautiful and blessed Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Happy father's day Lis..

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